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THE KING'S WOMAN Ep 7 | Chinese Drama (Eng Sub) | HLBN Entertainment

THE KING'S WOMAN Ep 7 | Chinese Drama (Eng Sub) | HLBN Entertainment

Категория: Клипы 2020
Длительность: 46:13
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28-04-2020, 23:47
Welcome to HLBN Entertainment’s official English-language channel! On this channel you can watch the hottest Chinese TV dramas with English subtitles! Please don’t forget to like this video and subscribe to our channel for more of the best in Chinese entertainment! We hope you enjoy! ► Subscribe To Our YouTube Channel HERE: ► Follow Our Instagram Account HERE: ► Like Our Facebook Page HERE: Synopsis: Gongsun Li, a beautiful commoner, has been studying Kung Fu from her grandfather alongside two senior apprentices ever since she was a little girl. During her youth, she saves a boy named Ying Zheng, who later becomes the King of Qin. Her world is turned upside down when war breaks out amongst the warring states and her grandfather is killed by the Qin army. As a result, Gongsun Li is forced to flee her hometown. Her longtime senior, Jing Kie, is then poisoned for attempting to protect her. In order to obtain the cure for Jing Ke, Gongsun Li chooses to marry the king, Ying Zheng, who is responsible for invading her nation and murdering her grandfather. Soon after, Gongsun Li discovers that she is pregnant with Jing Kie’s child. When Ying Zheng’s discovers Gongsun Li’s pregnancy, he comes to her aid by claiming that he is the father of the child, which deeply moves Gongsun Li. In order to ensure the safety of Gongsun Li and her child, Han Shen, Gongsun Li’s other senior, chooses to become an imperial bodyguard in the palace. Faced with the dangers and perils of life in the palace, Gongsun Li develops into a strong woman and eventually earns people’s respect through her wisdom and kindness. Starring:Dilraba Dilmurat as Gongsun LiVin Zhang as Ying ZhengLi Tai as Han ShenLiu Chang as Jing KeZhang Xuan as Ge Lan
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