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♛ WELCOME TO THE NIGHTCORE RADIO ♛Join my Discord ➼ Donate ➼ In order to keep the stream running 24/7, I created this page for you guys to support my nightcore radio, since I don't make any revenue from it and this is the only way to keep it online. It would mean the world to me if you could try to support my work and help me keep the radio alive!I will also be putting here, in the description, all of your donations' messages!Thanks for watching!Donation messages!Master9095 - "i listen to your channel all the time. youre amazing. keep it up!"Montana - "Thanks for your work, time to give something back."YoYoshi - "Keep up with the Good Work!!!"Anon - "Keep it up you are Great"RyuukaneMei - "I have been listening to your channel for a very long time. "mip - "nibba u geay"Lukas - "♥ u zen-kun keep up the good work "
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