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KAZKA презентує нову пісню CRY – англійську версію своєї найхітовішої ПЛАКАЛА: Підпишись на канал: Facebook: Instagram: KAZKA — CryWhat do you see? If I escape will I be saved?Can't estimate when you'll fade, tell me I can't wait I'm learning fast I can't turn back I died a million times when you left when you said goodbye What do you see, can you speak will I be saved?My hearts on ice can't think twice tell me why oh whyI'm falling fast stuck in the past I try and understand it hurts so bad how long will it last? I'm flying through the stormsThe answers in the sky That 'everything I am is because of you But I know I won't die I'll live without your love I take back every word Every woman’s tearsWhat do you feel? Say it loud, speak into my soul A winters day never fades that`s what I was toldI lost myself without your helpI fell straight back to hell or is it heaven? Maybe, I don't know? Lyrics: Laura WhiteMusic: Andrii Ignatchenko, Serhii YermolaievProduction: Iksiy MusicBooking and management:NIKITIN Talent Management+380 50 330 97 53+380 50 310 23 32© 2018 Peer music & mamamusic ℗ 2018 mamamusic #kazka #плакала #plakala. KAZKA
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